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Asphalt mixing station how long the run-in period

1, rapid wear and tear
Due to the processing, assembly and adjustment of the new machine parts, the frictional surface roughness of these factors is less affected by the contact area with the surface and the pressure on the surface of the country is not uniform. In operation, the surfaces of the parts of the friction-engaging parts in which the recesses and the projections engage each other, the ground metal fragments fall down and work as abrasives to continue to be added to the surface of the friction-accelerating wear parts more . In the run-in period, therefore, easily lead to component (special) mating surface wear, wear faster. At this point, overloading can lead to partial, early failure damage.
2, poor lubrication,
As a result of new assembly parts the mating clearance is small and due to reasons such as assembly it is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of the mating clearance with oil film lubricant (grease) on shorter friction surfaces uniform and no wear. Therefore, the lubricating performance of the fall, resulting in a part of the early abnormal wear. Friction surface scratches or bite phenomenon caused serious accuracy, leading to failure. The company is located in:
3, produce loose
New processing and assembly of parts, geometries and dimensional deviations exist in the early part of the application due to alternating loads such as impacts, vibrations, and the effects of heat and deformation, as well as excessive wear and tear Loose part. The company is located in:
4, leakage phenomenon occurs
Because of machine, vibration and hot loose parts, the sealing surface can act as a leak in the machine and the pipe joint. The disadvantages of casting, machining and so on, the difficult part of the assembly and debugging, invented, but due to vibration, shock, The process of operation in this defect is nudity, expressed as leakage (permeability) of oil (water). Therefore, the adjustment period is prone to leakage phenomenon.
5, error
Due to the structure of the machine, performance knows enough (especially) to be caused by the wrong new operator, easily broken, and even cause a mechanical accident.

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